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What are the push-up jeans

The push-up jeans by Brasil Fashion designers are designed and studied by experts with special seams perfectly designed to model the B-side with the result of giving a unique push-up effect.

Once you have worn these jeans leave you speechless all those which will have the pleasure to try it, and, given the aesthetic effect, comfort and high quality, it will be difficult to go back to wearing old jeans in the wardrobe.

Created with soft fabrics and high quality, jeans push up by Fashion Brasil fit to the body so as to give a feeling of lightness and comfort, they are so 'soft that it almost seems not to wear, and thanks to the cuts that are processed, will give security to the wearer so as to raise not only the B-side but also the mood!

Once worn, after the joy of having finally found a pair of jeans that tends to enhance the body of the wearer, you will notice that do not yield as ordinary jeans, do not tend to widen and leave flaws, but with the passage of time will remain perfectly members of your body as the first time I have worn and continue to shape perfectly side B.

The push-up jeans by Fashion Brasil are suitable for all women of all ages:

for a lean physique or slim because the structure of these jeans tend to emphasize curves, even where they are not obvious, therefore giving a more shapely body.

for a curvy body because the jeans will enhance forms shaping them perfectly
for a very curvy body because it will tend to simplify and model, also thanks to the models of high-waisted jeans push-up you can get a flat stomach effect.

JEANS Sawary push-up also called Levanta BUM BUM are designed and manufactured in Brazil, by the Sawary, one of the most famous brands in Latin America for the production of push ups and jeans, very well known in Europe.

 They are low-rise and high waisted, from size 36 to size 50.

The sizes are Brazilian which correspond to a size bigger than the size Italian, so for example, people in Italy who wears a 42, should choose a size 40, for those who wear a 44 you have to choose a 42.

 For any questions do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email for advice or a greater clarification.

Fashion Brasil carries out retail sales, online sales and wholesale.

For all those who own a store, ask for a sample, do wear to those who trust and you will see that a product will be much loved by your customers and that it will attract new ones.

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PUSH UP FASHION JEANS by BRASIL: jeans that mold perfectly raising not only the B-side but also the mood!

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