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The handmade jewelry that offers Fashion Brasil is a costume jewelry made by hand with natural raw materials.

We offer jewelery in hard stone, handmade with natural stones such as agate, onyx, carnelian, emerald root, black agate, amethyst and many other popular stones also used in crystal therapy. This is an elegant, suitable for all ages, in order to enrich your clothes light and preciousness.

We also propose jewelery ethnic handmade with materials such as wood, bone, coconut and capim dourado (the gold of Brazil).

These items are more ethnic, very used particularly in hot weather, combined with summer outfits, or costumes and sarongs.

Long necklaces, chokers, bracelets, rings: all our items are exclusive and useful to enrich your look with a touch of originality.

Agate and amethyst necklace Agate and amethyst necklace
-30 % Out Of Stock
Model: 40011170
Elegant long necklace in natural stones. Crated with craftsmanship, with large agate ring, adorned with stones in the root of emerald and amethyst. Amethyst is a quartz color viola.Le attributed supernatural powers, is regarded as a talisman, a symbol of luck and strength, to shelter from bad luck..
23.80€ 34.00€
Ex Tax:23.80€
Bone Necklace "Aries" Bone Necklace "Aries"
-30 % Out Of Stock
Model: BO28
Polished bone necklace with teardrop pendant.   Clasp closure   Size: 45cm   Made in Brazil..
7.00€ 10.00€
Ex Tax:7.00€
Bracelet made ​​of resin and wood
-30 %
Model: BO32
Bracelet made ​​of resin and wood.   Size: 4 inches wide...
6.30€ 9.00€
Ex Tax:6.30€
Choker "Balance" in bone Choker "Balance" in bone
-30 % Out Of Stock
Model: BO22
Choker with polished bone beads and hook closure.   Size .   Made in Brasil 25 Cm..
6.93€ 9.90€
Ex Tax:6.93€
Choker Indians in bone Choker Indians in bone
-30 %
Model: BO23
Choker Indians with wires made ​​of bone and wood.   Size: 30 cm.   Made in Brazil..
6.93€ 9.90€
Ex Tax:6.93€
Ethnic Necklace "Pisces" Ethnic Necklace "Pisces"
-30 % Out Of Stock
Model: BO24
Ethnic necklace with pendant carved and hook closure. Size: 35 cm Made in Brazil..
7.70€ 11.00€
Ex Tax:7.70€
Multiple bone necklace Multiple bone necklace
-30 %
Model: BO40
Multiple bone necklace, hand-crafted.   Bone and polished beads metalliche.Chiusura with carabiner.   Size: 55 cm.       Made in Brazil..
13.99€ 19.99€
Ex Tax:13.99€
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