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About Us

FASHION BRASIL-The Wonders of Brazil
is an Italian company that makes retail and wholesale
of clothing and accessories from Brazil.
We work with direct import.

After a careful selection of exclusive items, high quality, up to date with the latest fashion trends,
FASHION BRASIL offers its customers unique items in their style only the best brands ranging from casual genre to the more classic and elegant evening.

The variety of items offered by our company range from special
BRAZILIAN PUSH UP JEANS, jeans that shape the B-side,
Lingerie up to the elegance of fashion trends FASHION WOMEN AND MEN.


Of particular importance are the products COSMETICSAMAZON that give the body a feeling of well-being and vitality for the beneficial effects and healing of the active ingredients contained in the seeds and fruits of the Amazon rainforest.

Beloved and appreciated around the world remain the BRAZILIAN BIKINI, always cheerful in the colors and patterns with exclusive cuts that enhance the wearer.
Composed of high quality fabrics the Brazilian bikini is the chief essential to wear during your beach holiday.

Fashion Brasil by the woman at 360 ° together with its accessories bijotteria ARTISAN coconut, bone, wood, stone sand CAPIM Dourado, the golden grass of Brazil.

Our shop is located in
  Via Aldo Moro in Frosinone, 358

We supply several outlets in Italy and Europe.

If you are fascinated Wonders of Brazil and you're planning to sell our products in your store

  pointing out what are the articles that interest you!

Fashion Brasil thanks you for your attention
and wishes you good navigation
in our store

Via Aldo Moro,332

03100 Frosinone (FR) Italia 

P.iva 02663910608


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